Future Purpose: The scaleable, standardised, marketing process of delivering net, new business, globally.


A Project36 Webinar on developing a blended strategy of Inbound, Outbound and Account Based Marketing into a single, cohesive, marketing program.

Recorded: Tuesday, 9th July, 2019 at 10:00am (BST)

Duration: 60 minutes

Designed to help you reach your high-value ABM accounts and the prospects within them. Register for the live webinar and learn how to develop your ABM campaign reach, inbound lead flow and ambient brand profile in a single, unified, campaign strategy.

Proven to deliver, learn how a blended ABM, Inbound & Outbound marketing strategy can offer exceptional campaign reach, penetration and ROI from both high-value, low volume accounts (ABM) as well as low-value, high volume (inbound) lead flow.

  • Learn how to build a Future Purpose Account Based Marketing (ABM) playbook that can then be standardised for all areas of your business to facilitate global rollout.

  • Discover how to build ABM campaign strategy that is proven to deliver 100% penetration and 70% engagement from targeted decision makers.

Who's it for?
This webinar is for senior marketing heads (and their teams), and those responsible for marketing strategy, campaign rollout and global lead generation.

Perfect for senior marketers, who are now looking to design and rollout a standardised ABM strategy across single or multiple geographical territories and market verticals.

Event Format:
The live webinar will be presented by Project36 CEO and founder, Joe Birkedale, and will be a high tempo discussion on how to build a scaleable ABM campaign playbook that you can pilot and then rollout globally within your organisation.

The event will be split into 3 key focus areas:

  • Data & Research The role of AI Data enrichment in ABM
  • The Future Purpose ABM playbook Build the model for your pilot campaign
  • Repeat & Rollout - Scale up across all territories and market verticals

The Output:
At the end of the webinar you will be able to build out a high-performance ABM playbook that you can then test and refine before rolling out across your organisation.

Event Summary:

Date / Time: Tuesday, 9th July, 2019 at 10:00am (BST)
Duration: 60 minutes
Recording: A recording will be published shortly after the live event - please register to ensure you receive a copy - even if you are unable to attend live.

Joe Birkedale

CEO, Project36

Entirely customer-centric, for the last 17 years, Joe has headed up various marketing agencies and helped to ensure clients are able to effectively position their products and services, exactly as their prospects need to see them.

Joe also formally trains business leaders on Inbound Marketing, Account Based Marketing (ABM), marketing automation and data-led strategy, change management and B2B marketing best practice.

Connect with Joe: